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Vic's Natural Workout DVD

The Best Gym Workout Video On The Market!

Victor Costa is considered by many to be one of the Top Trainers in the world. This DVD is a pleasure to watch. It is like watching a fitness and bodybuilding class taught by a master.

This extraordinary DVD is one of the greatest tutorials on fitness ever created and is lauded as the most descriptive, clear and helpful fitness DVD's. There is no question, you will get rapid results - fast!

Vic's mp3 Workout

Incredible Workouts!

Take Vic to the gym with you on any smartphone or mp3 player. These downloads are incredible, actual workouts. Vic takes you through each bodypart, rep by rep, breath by breath, you will feel like you have the Best Trainer in the World with you at every workout. Vic takes you through an actual session, with breaks, visualization, form, breathing and shares with you his secret techniques of positioning the body for the greatest efficient workout.

The Darn Good Band Workout

Better Than P90X!

Great results. No jumping. Not complicated. This is stright hardcore body building with bands. You can be done with this workout in less time than it takes to walk or drive to the gym. If you're travelling, if you can't get to the gym, if you're on vacation, even if you're going to the gym, you should be doing this workout once per week.

Try this workout and your muscles will not only look big, but dense.

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Online Classes

Take a Web cam class with Vic online One one One training with Vic via Web Cam.


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Vic's Press

Vic has been featured in many magazines and websites, here are a few to check out: