Band Workout

Vic created this fitness band workout that you can take anywhere.
A remarkable workout that includes 3 dvds; light workout, intermediate workout, and challenge workout. Think you can’t build muscles with fitness bands? Think again. Vic took an entire year off from the gym, and only used only fitness bands. This workout was created using those techniques. You will love it. Mailed directly to your home or business, autographed by Vic with an inspirational note from Vic.


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My body weight is down, and I look bigger and more cut- I'm making incredible gains every day.

Ethan - Hoboken, NJ

My bud took roids and I just used Vic's audios. After 40 days, he's bloated, I'm big, he's holding water, I'm holding a six pack. Worth it's weight in gold.

Chris - New York, NY

I have never looked as ripped as I do now!

Scott - Austin, TX