Platinum Package

This package includes:

  1. All audio workout sessions
  2. All video workout sessions (Either physical or digital copy)
  3. Vic’s book, Peace, Love and Muscles autographed and mailed to you
  4. Vic’s Natural diet and meal planning program for six (6) weeks
  5. One (1) hour video chat with Vic to set up your own personal training and nutrition program


Your Price: $99.00


My bud took roids and I just used Vic's audios. After 40 days, he's bloated, I'm big, he's holding water, I'm holding a six pack. Worth it's weight in gold.

Chris - New York, NY

Vic's training techniques are unbelievable- nothing like it out there- I should know, I'm a trainer.

Jay - Los Angeles, CA

Vic knows how to train men and women- his techniques are worth their weight in gold ;-)

Lauren - San Diego, CA