Audio Workouts


These audio MP3’s are Vic’s actual personal training sessions. It’s Vic’s voice talking you through a complete gym workout.

Simply load these workouts to your mp3 player or smartphone and start training using Vic’s sessions today.

Learn superior techniques, Pump-UP tactics, Proper technique, form, grip, breathing, visualization. The same training methods Vic provides in his in-person training sessions.

You get all of the workouts, over 400 minutes of Vic’s instruction!

The mp3 Audios include:

  • Back – Big back workout.
  • Biceps – Peak them out and make them grow.
  • Triceps – Develop thick, cut triceps.
  • Chest – Grow a thick shredded chest from top to bottom.
  • Shoulders – The key to developing big shoulders
  • Legs – For guys who love them and hate them – we know what to do to get them to grow fast.
  • Abs – Vic’s Best Abs Ever Workout.
  • Diet – Vic’s personal/sensible easy diet that can help you get ripped & shredded while maintaining muscle.

These audios work on any smartphone or MP3 player and come to you immediately in your receipt via email so you can start training today.


Retail Value: $375.00
Your Price: $39.99


I have never looked as ripped as I do now!

Scott - Austin, TX

I am jacked from working with Vic on his Audios and Videos

JD, MMA Fighter - Las Vegas, NV

My body weight is down, and I look bigger and more cut- I'm making incredible gains every day.

Ethan - Hoboken, NJ