Peace, Love & Muscles Book

Enjoy Vic’s incredible book, Peace, Love and Muscles. Autographed.

In this 210 page book, chapters are devoted to the spirit of body building, and abandoning limiting behaviors.The pictures are incredible. Vic displays every exercise in the gym with vivid classic photographs of himself in action. Descriptions of the exercises follow in great detail. If you only had one book on bodybuilding, this should be it.


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Vic knows how to train men and women- his techniques are worth their weight in gold ;-)

Lauren - San Diego, CA

I was paying a trainer in NYC $85.00 per hour. Since using Vic's videos and Audios I saved myself $170.00 a week by getting rid of my trainer and I am in incredible shape!

Josh - New York, NY

I am jacked from working with Vic on his Audios and Videos

JD, MMA Fighter - Las Vegas, NV