Vic's training techniques are unbelievable- nothing like it out there- I should know, I'm a trainer.

Jay - Los Angeles, CA

I worked with a trainer for 3 years and used Vic's techniques for 3 months and I think I gained more in that month than in the prior 3 years

Gwen - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

My body weight is down, and I look bigger and more cut- I'm making incredible gains every day.

Ethan - Hoboken, NJ

I have been training for years and hit a sticking point. I started to use Vic's Audio and Video and busted through my sticking point.

Mike - Detroit, MI

Vic knows how to train men and women- his techniques are worth their weight in gold ;-)

Lauren - San Diego, CA

I was paying a trainer in NYC $85.00 per hour. Since using Vic's videos and Audios I saved myself $170.00 a week by getting rid of my trainer and I am in incredible shape!

Josh - New York, NY

I am jacked from working with Vic on his Audios and Videos

JD, MMA Fighter - Las Vegas, NV

Amazing workouts for shape and conditioning - Vic's training is unbelievable!

Janette - Cleveland, OH

I am making ridiculous gains since using Vic's Training Audios.

Tom - British Royal Navy

I have never looked as ripped as I do now!

Scott - Austin, TX

My bud took roids and I just used Vic's audios. After 40 days, he's bloated, I'm big, he's holding water, I'm holding a six pack. Worth it's weight in gold.

Chris - New York, NY